Post-Operative Pain Management at Louisville Hip and Knee Institute

After your hip or knee surgery, our primary mission is to ensure your comfort and guide you toward optimal recovery.

Why Trust Your Recovery to Us?

Focused Expertise: Our board-certified specialists have extensive experience in managing post-operative pain, particularly after hip and knee surgeries. You’re in experienced hands.

Tailored Post-Op Plans: We understand every surgery and every patient is unique. Our treatment plans are crafted to your specific surgical details and personal needs.

Holistic Care Approach: Beyond just addressing pain, our comprehensive strategies ensure a faster, smoother recovery while mitigating the risks of chronic pain.

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drug-free pain management options.

Our Post-Operative Services

  • Personalized Pain Relief Protocols: Tailored pain management post hip or knee surgery to ensure minimal discomfort.

  • Rehabilitative Programs: Structured recovery programs aimed at restoring movement and strength to your hip or knee after surgery.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Regular check-ins and adjustments to pain management strategies based on your feedback and recovery progress.

  • Supplementary Therapies: Incorporation of physical therapy, gentle exercise regimens, and alternative methods to bolster your recovery.

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senior couple in wooded park doing standing knee stretches

Dedicated to Your Recovery

At the Louisville Hip and Knee Institute, our focus isn’t just about getting you through surgery – it’s about ensuring the days, weeks, and months after are comfortable, progressive, and promising. We’re committed to your complete recovery journey.

Optimize your recovery from hip or knee surgery.

Innovation Pain Management


Corganics is a premium CBD-infused pill, tincture, or topical pain management solution formulated to address a wide range of discomforts associated with orthopaedic conditions.

Medical professional examining patient knee
Medical professional examining patient knee


OrthoLazer is an innovative, drug-free approach to pain management using the cutting-edge M8 MLS Robotic Laser.

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